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नमस्कार Triveni Mitra Mandal 
As we told you last week:

Diwali 2017 is going to be a Mega Event ...a full-blown movie on stage!

This is a novel approach and we know you are wondering about the details. Here are some FAQs that will help you decide about making this commitment.
Top FAQs
  1. So what do you mean by a movie on stage?
    Imagine you went to AMC Theatres to watch a movie, but instead of moving pictures on a large screen, the actors, actresses, dancers, stunt persons, supporting characters - the whole cast and crew of the movie - came on stage in person and gave you  a live performance. That's what we aim to do!
  2. I am very interested in performing, but Diwali is in November, how can I make a commitment to perform now?
    This year's Diwali Bonanza is going to be a movie performed on stage. There will be a scripted story, dialogues, action, dances and songs (and maybe more!). As with any such production of Bollywood proportions, we have to start with the story and main casting. That is why we have started asking for nominations now.
    There will be plenty of opportunities to work with your group leads - especially in the singing and dance categories. So please fill the form if you're interested in performing. We will make sure everyone gets enough time to plan their schedules.
  3. Will there be auditions for everything? I don't want to audition.
    We definitely expect to have auditions for main parts and for any roles that require specific performances based on the script (that is yet to be written). However, the plan is to involve as many enthusiastic members as possible. So there will be plenty of opportunities. 
  4. I see a section for kids - will they have to audition too?
    Possibly. Since we don't have a script yet, we cannot say. But we definitely expect to audition for main parts. As you have seen with TMM events this year - we will keep members informed of our plans and progress every step of the way.
  5. My friend is very funny - why don't you ask her/him to write the story?
    We know this is an exciting idea and we have so many talented members. Please fill the nomination form and ask your creative and talented friends to do so too. We cannot consider anyone unless they have filled the form.
  6. What will you do if there are more than one person signed up to be writer or director?
    We hope that all writers/directors who fill the form before the RSVP deadline of 7 May will be willing to work as a team. 
  7. Is the date for Diwali 2017 Bonanza confirmed?
    No. 11 November (as shown on our Diwali Event page on Facebook) is a tentative date for us to work towards. We expect to confirm the date sooner rather than later.
  8. This looks like a very expensive venture - how much does Triveni expect so spend on this event?
    As with every TMM event this year (and in the past) your committee will keep an eagle eye on the expenditure and limit expenses as much as possible. You got a glimpse of what we can achieve with the sets we created for the Padwa natak. Please trust us to make the most of our resources.
  9. Another question? E-mail TMMPrograms@gmail.com
Sign Up to Audition for दिवाळी  2017 Bonanza!
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Your 2017 कार्यकारिणी Committee: 
Naresh Shettigar (President), Amit Deshpande (Treasurer), Smita Muley, Amit Valsangkar, Mahesh Maladkar, Pratibha Salve, Urmila Bapat, Radhika Chitnis, Rupali Mahadeshwar, Pournima Shirahatti, Bhakti Deshpande (Social), Amruta Rahalkar (Social), Makrand Vidwans (Sports)

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