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Sankrant 2018 ~~ संक्रांत २०१८
नमस्कार Triveni Mitra Mandal, 
We are bringing you a variety entertainment show that will evoke all human emotions which add flavor to our life. We would like to invite creative individuals & groups to help choreograph, direct, perform and conduct events that highlight the nine rasas which are the essences of emotion.
Shringar (Love), Hasya  (Joy/Happiness), Adbhuta  (wonder/surprise),

Veer (Courage), Shant (peace), Karuna (sadness), Raudra(anger), Bhayanak (fear) and Vibhatsa (disgust) 

are the nine Rasas that affect our body and mind. They connote a concept in Indian arts about aesthetic flavor of any visual, literary or musical work that evoke a feeling in the reader or audience, but cannot be described. We would like you to use your creative and artistic skills to demonstrate/exhibit each of these Rasas in various art forms.
~ नव रस ~
~ Nav Ras ~
Essences of emotions
Invitation for participation
Showcase your talent in the following Individual/Group Categories:

Kavyavachan /


Kids Dance


Standup comedy /

Ek patri / Dwi patri


Runway Fashion


Skit / Play

बोर नहाण

(kids under 3 yrs.)

Saturday , 20th January 2018,
Lakota West Freshman School
Theme: नवरस (Nine Rasas)
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Participation Form

[Deadline: 9th December 2017]

Your 2018 कार्यकारिणी Committee: 
Naresh Shettigar (President), Amit Deshpande (Treasurer), Mahesh Maladkar, Anand Salve, Bhakti Deshpande, Manisha Godbole, Anjali Page, Advait Rahalkar, Aashish Jha, Nitin Karande, Lalit Chiplonkar, Chetan Pawar, Vaibhav Deshpande
Social Committee: Ishwari Satonkar, Meenal Petare, Aparna Dala

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