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Sankrant 2018 ~~ संक्रांत २०१८


Bringing you a variety entertainment show for Sankrant 2018 that will evoke all human emotions which add flavor to our life. These ‘Nav Ras’ (nine Rasas) are the essential energies that cannot be described but are expressed in music, dance, literature and drama.


Showcase Your Talent in the following INDIVIDUAL/GROUP Categories:



Kavyavachan / Kathakathan



Kids Dance


Standup comedy /

Ek patri / Dwi patri abhinay


Runway Fashion



Skit / Play


बोर नहाण

(kids under 3 yrs.) 


Sankrant 2018

   Saturday, January 20th,

Lakota West Freshman School

5050 Tylersville Road

West Chester OH 45069



Theme: नवरस (Nine Rasas)


Sankrant 2018 will be a variety entertainment show that will evoke all human emotions which add flavor to our life. We would like to invite creative individuals & groups to help choreograph, direct, perform and conduct events that highlight the nine rasas which are the essences of emotion. Shringar (Love), Hasya (Joy/Happiness), Adbhuta (wonder/surprise), Veer (Courage), Shant (peace), Karuna (sadness), Raudra (anger), Bhayanak (fear) and Vibhatsa (disgust) are the nine Rasas that affect our body and mind. They connote a concept in Indian arts about aesthetic flavor of any visual, literary or musical work that evoke a feeling in the reader or audience, but cannot be described. We would like you to use your creative and artistic skills to demonstrate/exhibit each of these Rasas in various art forms.


Inviting participation from our members for the following individual or group events at Sankrant 2018:


New New! Stand up comedy/Ek patri/Dwi patri Abhinay (OlderKids & Adults Performance 7th grade & older)

Too busy to attend dance/skit practices? Haven’t started a family yet? Or the kids are all grown up and busy with their lives? We don’t want you to miss out on Sankrant fun! You can come up with your own talent to entertain the audience. Your performance should represent at least one of the nine rasas.


New! Kavyavachan/Kathavachan (Adults)

The nine rasas are expressed thoroughly in our literature. Bring to us the very renowned passages/poems from our very enriched language.


Kids Dance (Kids only, 5 years & older)

The most popular highlight of every Sankrant - group dance performance by
our amazing young dancers. Each dance will revolve around at least one of the nine rasas.


Skit/Play (Kids 5 years & older)

Bring us your नाटक or short नाटिका, preferably one that will be tied around one of the nine rasas. Kids 5 years & older and adults with theatrical abilities are encouraged to sign-up for this one!


Runway Fashion show (Kids 3 years- 5 years)

Parents be creative, bring out the "young and growing talent" of your little kids in this category. This is the most entertaining part of the show, as kids will perform a Runway ramp-walk with different emojis.


बोर नहाण(3 years & below)

Bor Nahan is a ritual celebrated during Makar Sankrant for children 3 years & younger. We will celebrate बोर नहाण in the Haldi Kunku area. There will also be a Photo Booth so you can preserve these memories. Triveni will arrange for couple of "Dagine" ONLY for the photo opportunity.


In  addition, we would also like to  invite kids (13 years and older) and adults for choreographing kids dances, director for the skit and kids (8 years and older) and adults to take up the responsibility of being  ‘सूत्रधार’.

We are looking for at least one dance per rasa (emotion), and the selection for the entries will be on first come basis.

Please fill out Participation Form for your kids and/or yourself here. Deadline for filling the form is Saturday, December 9th




For questions or clarifications, please contact:

  • Anjali Page: (513) 767-7600
  • Meenal Petare: (847) 848-6584

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