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Table Tennis Tournament 2013  

Namaskar Mandali,

 Triveni will be hosting tennis tournament in February 2013.This is the first year that we are conducting this tournament. Triveni member Salil Pradhan will be organizing and executing the event.


 Table Tennis tournament will be played during afternoon and early evenings of 2 weekends of February 2013: 15-17, 22-24. A coordinator will reach out to you to schedule appropriate times with you and your potential opponents.Details of the venue will be communicated by the coordinator to participating teams.Standard racquets and balls will be provided.


This tournament will be for men, women, boys and girls of all ages and will include draws for singles and doubles match ups for different age categories. The primary requirement to participate is the desire to have fun..... We will be holding two competitions,  Singles and Doubles. Doubles will be a Family based team: examples include Father-kid, Mother-Kid, or Father-Mother. If you don't have a family team member, you will be matched with another partciipant.


Participation fees is due during the event in form of cash only. The fees are as follows:
$5 - Per family for members
$10 - Per family for Non-Members
Rules for the matches:
1. Each match will be best of 3 games.
2. Each game will be 11 points. Serve will change for every two points.
3. In case, a game goes to 10-10, tie-breaker will be played for difference of 2 points with serve changing for every point.
4. Finals may be a longer match.
5. In general we will follow http://www.ittf.com/ittf_handbook/ittf_hb.html
If you would like to participate in the table tennis tournament or volunteer, please register by February 13, 2013.  
For additional information contact Salil Pradhan at TMMEventCoordinator@gmail.com
2013 Table Tennis Tournament Coordinator,
Salil Pradhan
2013 Social Committee,
Madhavi Kelkar and Nayana Sahasrabudhe


2013 Karyakarini,   
Ashwini Barve, Shilpa Keole, Asman Kesbhat, Vrinda Lele, Shradha Puntambekar, Deepali Selar, Neha Shettigar, Sheetal Teredesai, Uday Patil





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