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Triveni Mitra Mandal
Triveni Mitra Mandal
Business Listing
Namaskar Mandali,
The Triveni 2015 committee is continuing with program initiated before of offering a listing of businesses, which will be  published on Triveni's website. The idea behind this is to support members' businesses by providing exposure to a larger number of potential customers.
The listing is free for Triveni's 2015 members. We will continue to offer the listing until at least the end of 2015. If you are currently not a member, you can either purchase the membership or purchase the listing space for a fee. Contact Pooja Joshi at TMMTreasurer@gmail.com for more details.
Note that Triveni is not responsible for any consequence that may occur as a result of making your business details available publicly.
Please fill out this FORM if you would like to have your business listed. The following criteria must be met.
1) You can provide information for YOUR business ONLY.
2) Please only provide the information that you are willing to make available publicly. Due to concerns about spamming, we are not publishing email addresses on the website. Your phone number and website or social media link will be published.
3) Please keep the description of your business to two lines.



2015 Karyakarini - Naresh Shettigar, Nayana Sahasrabudhe, Padmaja Patkar, Pooja Joshi, Pravin Gangatirkar, Salil Kodkani, Santosh Dalal, Satish Muley, Shyam Maladkar and Pratibha Patil


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