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 TMM Community Library

TMM is planning to start a community library program if there is enough interest and participation. The way this “community” library will work is -
1. TMM will facilitate the library program. TMM will not operate the library. It will be a community run initiative.
2. TMM will facilitate the program is by maintaining the book catalogue which will be available on our website. This catalogue will have information on the book, book owner, ISBN etc.
3. Books can be in any language but the preference will be for Marathi books.
4. Any community member can borrow available books by contacting the owner.
5. Book owner and borrower to come up with mutually agreed upon date for return of the book OR to extend the return date. The expectation is that readers will return the book in reasonable timeframe so more and more community members can benefit from borrowing available books.
6. It’s an honor system in a sense that the “contract” is between borrower and owner and TMM will not play any role in making books available OR in retrieving books from borrowers. It is sole responsibility of borrower to return the book in timely fashion and in good condition.
7. Community members are expected to take good care of books as if it’s their own book.
8. The sole objective of the program is to bring community together through sharing quality books among community members.
Please provide your feedback clicking Community Library Survey link.



  Triveni Marathi Shala has donated the following books to Mason Public Library.

  They are available to all the library members to rent.

  Click Here to see the List of Marathi books available in Mason Public Library 

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