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Triveni - Food Shelter Drive


The shelter program was a huge success in 2019, Thanks to the community and the efforts led by Shreeniwas Vaidya and Nayana Sahasrabudhe. We are soliciting Team leaders and volunteers for 2020. Here are details for the Food Shelter activity. Trust you will find this useful.

Address - David and Rebecca Barron Center for Men, 411 Gest Street, Cincinnati, OH 45203
Phone - 513.721.0643
Website - Shelter House(Click here to learn more about Shelter)
Date: SIGNUP HERE and work with Shreeniwas (513-884-0499) and Nayana (513-609-1196 ) to fix a date. Ideally team leaders should let them know what month works best for their team.

Some tips for the team leaders:

Before the Event:
(1) Identify volunteers who will help contribute for the food, and help serve the food. The center recommends eight people for a lunch event. Two or three of these could be kids aged above 12; typically a group of 5-7 families works out well.
(2) Lunch has to be planned for 180 people. Approximate expenses are 300-350$ per 'lunch event'.
(3) With Shreeniwas's and Nayana's help, identify a convenient date, out of those available at the shelter.
(4) Upon finalizing the date, please email Ms. Genell Stephens at gstephens@shelterhousecincy.org. Please request her to confirm the date is available and provide your cell phone number. Our experience with Genell is that she is pretty responsive (via email) and at the most you may have to send 2 emails.
(5) About 8 or 10 days prior to your 'event', send Genell a courtesy email letting her know you are bringing lunch to the Barron's center with - date, time and menu details.

For the Event:
(1) Share the date with your team members. Plan on being there by 11 AM. The activity will take ~ 2 hours. Lunch starts promptly at 12 noon. Cooking facilities are available at the center if you need them. Please work this with Genell in advance
(2) Shopping: Per the shelter's request - Please try to provide a protein, vegetable, fruit, and dessert. Suggested lunch menu items on their website are:
Chicken Pot Pie, Salad, Lemonade, Brownies
Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Cookies
Lasagna, Corn, Garlic Bread, Fun-Size Candy
(3) GFS is one store that can fill in and keep your order ready for pick up. Please mention the Triveni account if you buy anything at GFS.
(4) You can work any menu with Genell. In the past our members have also used the menu listed below.

Day of the Event:
(1) Have each team member / volunteer sign the waiver form that you will receive from Shreeniwas or Nayana.
(2) Take a group photo of the volunteers at the event.
(3) If there are any negative experiences, please let either Shreeniwas or Nayana know.
(4) If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let Nayana or Shreeniwas know.

Menu used in the past by our memebers:
Menu Sample 1
Sloppy Joes 52 oz cans (with meat) - 14 cans
GFS Hamburger buns 12 ct - 20 packs
GFS Coleslaw 5lbs - 5 tubs
Sienna Frozen Cookies 40 ct. - 4 boxes (2 boxes of choc, 2 boxes sugar)
Fruit Apples or Bananas or Clementines. - 180 count
Menu Sample 2
Hot dogs - 180*2
Hot dog buns - 180*2
GFS Coleslaw 5lbs - 5 tubs
Icecream - 180 tubs (small)
Fruit - 180 count
Menu Sample 3
Spaghetti with Meat balls For - 180 people
Chips - 8 big packets
GFS Coleslaw 5lbs - 5 tubs
Bite size candy - 180
Fruit - 180 count
For any questions, please email us at TMMFoodShelter@gmail.com

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