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        TRIVENI Shelter Food Drive 


We would like to solicit member participation and help to make these efforts successful. Please find more details about the program below. For any questions, please email us at TMMFoodDrive@gmail.com.



About the shelter


We have chosen to volunteer at the Drop Inn Center, 411 Gest street, Cincinnati, OH 45203. 


About the program


The lunch is to be provided on the 1st Sunday of each month. We serve approximately 150 people. The cost of the food can range anywhere from $200 to $250, depending on what menu we choose. We need volunteers to make donations to purchase the food. We also need about 8 volunteers to help serve the food at the shelter. Kids above 12 can apply for "Community Service" by serving at the shelter.  



  • Each month one committee member leads the effort. To know the date for the month and the lead, please see calendar of events. The committee member then solicits donations and serving volunteers. Alternately, a single person or a group can choose to sponsor entire lunch. The responsible committee member would still be happy to help. The menu of our choice is chosen. The food can be purchased from GFS, Costco or other such stores or it can be prepared. A typical menu can look like the following. This is just a guideline. There is no restriction or requirement on what we provide -
  • * A meat/ protein portion - Such as sloppy Joe's, hot dogs, meat balls, chicken.
  • * Bread or grain item - Buns, pasta, spaghetti etc
  • * Fruit - Banana, canned fruits.
  • * Vegetables - Potato salad, soup, salad with dressing.
  • * Dessert - Cookies, cupcakes, ice-cream sandwich etc.
  • * Side - For exmple chips.

At the Shelter


  •  The lunchtime at the shelter is 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm sharp.  Volunteers have a set up time of approximately 45 minutes prior to this. There are personnel from shelter who help in warming the food, set up and clean up. The process is extermely organized on their end.     

We are sure this effort will prove to be an extremely self-rewarding, yet humbling experience.  So please do step forward and reach out. 



2017 Karyakarini

Naresh Shettigar (President), Amit Deshpande (Treasurer), Smita Muley, Amit Valsangkar, Mahesh Maladkar, Pratibha Salve, Urmila Bapat, Radhika Chitnis, Rupali Mahadeshwar, Pournima Shirahatti, 


Social Committee - Bhakti Deshpande , Amruta Rahalkar
Sports - Makarand Vidwans




Community Services

Triveni in action