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  • Terms and conditions :
    1. 45 days advance notice is required for any equipment rental.
    2. $250 minimum deposit is required for any rental.
    3. All equipment are subjected to maximum 2 weeks rental period. For additional weeks, the contract will be renewed again.
    4. All equipment is used at lessee's risk.Lessor may at anytime terminate this agreement, with or without cause.
    5. Equipment will not be rented 30 days before & 10 days after any Triveni event.
    6. All rental fees payable in advance for the term stated. Scheduled rental rates begin when equipment leaves the premises and continue until returned thereto.
    7. 2 weeks advance notice required to send out emails from Triveni email account.
    8. Email content will be reviewed and modified, if required, by the TMM EC.
    9. For the package of three emails, the dates will be set for all three emails before the first email is sent out.
    10. The emails package is restricted to one event.
TMM Asset Rate Card
Category Equipment Weekday Weekend
Fri to Mon   
Audio 14 Channel Mixer $25 per Day
Audio 22 Channel Mixer $50 per Day
Audio One Wired Mic $10 per Day $20
Audio One Wireless Mic $15 per Day $30
Audio Two Medium Speakers $25 per Day $50
Audio Two Large Speakers $30 per day $60
Audio Accessories
( Mics stands
required wires
power cords)
Free with rental  
Category Equipment Rate
Natak Set Pannels only $100 for 2 weeks
$50 for each additional week
Natak Set Accessories
( Doors,Windows
Free with rental
Category Package Event Type Rate
Emails 3 emails per event Ticketed event $199
Emails 3 emails per event Non-Ticketed event $49
Emails Single Email Any additional Email $50

For any inquires or requisitions, please write to us at TMMtreasurer@gmail.com,TMMpresident@gmail.com
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